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Montessori Elementary Education

The elementary experience takes full advantage of children’s innate curiosity to actively seek answers to concepts that interest them, expand understanding, and apply newfound knowledge in a meaningful context. 

elementary student and Montessori teacher at Bridges Montessori

Our Montessori Elementary School

At Bridges, learning is a journey of discovery. Students become critical thinkers by engaging in self-directed study and independent research while developing skills and knowledge through individual instruction and small-group lessons.

Through hands-on and experiential learning, we inspire children to become lifelong learners, balanced individuals, and participating citizens.

Classroom Life

Our classrooms are arranged for group discussions, with interest centers full of intriguing learning materials. Students share the responsibility of managing these communities — they learn to respect and care for themselves, others, and the environment. As they develop, they’re encouraged to think beyond the classroom and become active members of their local and global communities.

Teachers serve as role models, positively reinforcing children’s exploration of knowledge, and our discovery approach to learning allows children to map their own educational course.

More Montessori Information
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